Altered London

A dystopian cyberpunk treatment of London in 2078. This was a group project completed over a 12 week period by the formidable 8 person team known as Ratstation. It’s a cyberpunk-themed game environment set in the near future.

I was the Producer on this project which involved allocating roles to team members, scheduling work stages and jobs (thanks Trello, I would be nothing without you), alongside creating assets for the scene.

Some of my assets include:

  • BT tower
  • Council flats (procedurally generated in Blueprints)
  • Raised platform, steps and glass barrier
  • Covent Garden style shop fronts
  • Flying cars (including Blueprints)
  • Kiosks
  • Archway garage

Our team website features some blog posts outlining the development process, here are a few of the posts: