This was my first project for my MA: a mobile game level built in Unreal Engine set in a hotel kitchen.

My initial idea for the level was somewhat based on the hotel kitchen from the movie The Shining, and one of the characteristics of the hotel in this film is the sense of history and the past. Through the set design, the film communicates that this was a place where great things once happened, but that perhaps those times are over and now we are left with just the memories. I want the level to communicate a similar message.

Kitchen in the movie The Shining


A key element to creating mood and realism within the scene is lighting, which we covered in detail in week 5. Lighting can bring colour to the scene, and highlight important details. Used correctly it can draw the eye to a desired area, perhaps to highlight a goal or general direction.

For my scene I decided to differentiate the different areas of the level with different light levels and colour.

I am really happy with the how the lighting worked out, particularly with the emissive materials such as the table candle lights, the oven and freezer LED lights, the blue hob gas rings and the wall mounted bunker lights throughout the scene.

The Result

You can play the level in your browser. It’s on my blog here!